07/18/05 08:20 AM
Microscopic Colitis

Hello All! I hope this isn't a repost, but I couldn't find it when I searched the boards. I just had a colonoscopy and the DX said he took a few biopsies and wanted to check for Microscopisc Colitis. Anyone familiar with this?

I have been diagnosed with both IBS and Colitis (if that is even possible). There had been some redness and inflammation, but not much.


07/18/05 01:50 PM
Re: Microscopic Colitis

If you search on the EFI forum you should find some posts by one guy who has mc...the only one I know of on here. It's great that your doc's testing for this as many don't.

What kind of colitis have you been diagnosed with? I do know that when I had my colonoscopy, they found a bit of inflammation...but my GI got an expert-expert to look at the biopsies and he said it looked like it was left over from the infection that started my IBS.

07/19/05 05:52 PM
Re: Microscopic Colitis

I'm new to this forum and am currently in remission on Entocort EC for collagenous/ulcerative colits. is Microscopic colitis similar to collagenous?

07/20/05 04:31 AM

...not sure tho - I'm TOTALLY not an IBD expert. Here's what MedicineNet had to say anyway...


Collagenous colitis is a newly-recognized disease of the colon. On sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy the bowel lining appears to be normal but microscopic examination of biopsies shows inflammation and the presence of a band-like substance called collagen which is a component of scar tissue. We have no evidence that it is caused by an infectious agent nor does it appear to be related to any known causes of diarrhea. It was first described in 1976, and it is being diagnosed more frequently. The primary symptom of collagenous colitis is a watery diarrhea, but there also may be abdominal pain, mucus in the stool, and, rarely, weight loss. The usual tests for diagnosing the cause of diarrhea are normal, and the diagnosis is made with the microscopic exam of colonic biopsies. The disease may last for years and there is no specific therapy. A proportion of patients will respond to drugs used in inflammatory bowel disease (see the Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease sites in the Diseases and Treatments section) such as Azulfidine, Asacol, Dipentum, or various cortisone or prednisone preparations. Many other agents have been used with varying success. In a few cases the problem resolves spontaneously. Patients not responding to the medications usually are given the standard therapies for diarrhea such as Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, Kaopectate, etc.

09/25/05 08:44 PM
For Linz and others with Inflammation and IBS

Linz, I'm responding to one of your posts from way back, but it came up as I was searching the site for Entocort and I wanted to touch base. Your post was the first that I have noticed where IBS-ers have inflammation along with IBS. Like yours, my doctor said that the inflammation was the result of an earlier infection, rather than IBD.

My IBS has been ongoing for about 10 years now, with good and bad days, and I've tried many things to alleviate it, with lots of great info from this site. I just started Entocort, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm wondering what has worked for you and others who have inflammation as a part of their IBS.

Thanks, Ivy

09/29/05 12:19 PM
Re: For Linz and others with Inflammation and IBS

Well as far as I know I don't have inflammation anymore. That settled down after I was given a course of antibiotics that finally killed off the nasties that had been living in me for 9 months.

I've always just treated mine as simple IBS and stabilised just fine like that.

06/18/06 01:45 PM
Re: Microscopic Colitis

How long did you take the Entocort? I have had two rounds, go into remission for two-three months, then the problems flare up.

How is anyone with Microscopic Colitis, collagenous and lympocytic Colitis doing? What is working for you?

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